With AutoBeCo, you can draft concrete beams, columns and reinforcement cages using a parametric design wizard.

Draw your most common beams and columns quickly and efficiently in 3D, including all inserts and accessories, as well as edge shuttering and more.

AutoBeCo is based on the i-Theses FormTools and ReBar application using AutoCAD, the market standard. You can make specific modifications and free models of 3D precast elements using standard FormTools and ReBar features.

How can AutoBeCo

help your business?

Save time with element libraries

If you have common element types, there is no need to start from scratch. AutoBeCo allows to create your own library.

Save more time with 2D/3D conversion at the click of a button

If you need to create production drawings in 2D for readability, dimensioned views in 2D and 3D are generated automatically, together with bills of materials. All at the push of a button.

Easy to use and master

Thanks to its user-friendly design and use of AutoCAD, still the standard worldwide, AutoBeCo has a short learning curve. This makes implementation and training easier.

Ready for collaboration with BIM compatibility

Import and export IFC files, and integrate seamlessly with other PreCastOffice modules, including iTs ProjectManager and PlanDesk. Complete tasks and share key information with colleagues and customers more easily than ever before.

Seamlessly integrate workflows, from estimate to invoice

AutoBeCo is part of the PreCastOffice suite of applications. In addition to advance parametric design tools, administrative follow up and production workflows are fully automated through PlanDesk applications.

BVBS exports can be read directly by PlanDesk SteelPlanner to control your bar bending machines. Print the necessary labels and generate steel reports quickly and easily. You can also easily monitor the availability of rebar before pouring any concrete.

By combining it with PlanDesk MouldPlanner, you can maximise the production planning efficiency for your concrete moulds. Generation of important documentations and labels is easy, and you can get the perfect overview of your current project statuses via iTs Project Manager.

The information you need, at your fingertips, wherever you are.