With iTs AutoPrecast Design and iTs Analysis, you can design and analyse all kinds of precast elements at unprecedented speed. From floor layouts to stairs, beams and columns, your design teams will work more efficiently than ever before.

Automatic calculations reduce errors to virtually zero and software links easily connect your designs with the rest of the precast process.


Trusted by many of Europe’s
leading precast concrete producers

Draw and Layout Prefabricated Concrete Elements

with iTs AutoPrecast Design


Design your flooring quickly and easily in software based on AutoCAD. For all kinds of prefab floors – including hollowcore, solid, prestressed, reinforced and filigree slabs, as well as T-beam systems.


Parametric drawing tools that help you to quickly design straight stairs in 3D. Design reinforcement and export to automated machinery for fabrication.

Quickly Analyse Prestressed and Reinforced Flooring

to National Codes

PreConSlab Web

Allow customers to analyse their projects directly through your website, based on your precast products.

PreConSlab BB

To be combined with AutoFloor, the Black Box edition allows you to easily check loads according to your flooring layout and section properties. It includes a visual status indicator and the ability to generate PDF reports.

Who should use iTs AutoPrecast Design and Analysis?


Draughtsmen & Draughtswomen

Structural Engineers

Design Engineers


How can iTs AutoPrecast Design

help your business?

With iTs AutoPrecast Design, you can save considerable time during the design process, whatever precast product you make. Our 2D and 3D drawing modules come with automatic calculations to minimise costly errors at the design stage.

We configure our design modules to match your company standards and make sure they connect seamlessly with your production and planning processes. This includes our own modules or in some cases, your existing ERP system.

The integration possibilities don’t stop there. IFC exports make working in 3D applications for BIM easy. Design data can be exported for fabrication drawings, BoM’s, detailing machinery and BVBS for automatic bar bending machines, amongst others.

How can iTs AutoPrecast Analyse

help your business?

With iTS Analyse, you can choose the right structural software for your needs, checking your reinforced and prestressed floor elements according to Eurocode 2, including national annexes. Additionally, hollowcore slabs are checked against EN1168, while T-Beam systems are checked against EN15037.

If you’re an AutoFloor user, the BlackBox edition gives you the ability to check one or more floor elements at the click of a button, with a simple colour coded calculation status. For more detailed calculation of floor elements, your engineers can edit design parameters using the Pro or Pro+ editions through a complete standalone interface.

If it’s a check for your customer at the specification and quotation stage, or a more detailed analysis of reinforcement from a structural engineer, iTs Analyse will quickly and accurately calculate floor designs based on your product parameters.


Gain control and increase the efficiency of the design and analysis processes that matter to you, your colleagues, and your clients.

Save time and money, reduce costly errors on-site, and make sure you deliver the right precast products to your customers on schedule.